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"In his book, SOCIAL VELOCITY, Dr. Pelè shows you just how much outbound marketing has changed, and helps you find your footing in a brand new world of ideas."

Seth Godin, world-renowned marketing Thought Leader

Are You Struggling To Get Clients With Social Media?

Your Content Isn't Getting Seen When You Post

You are not sure how to stand out on social media. Your posts barely get seen and heard by more than a handful of people. Your product is great, but you're losing business because no one is hearing about it.

You're Not Sure What's Working (Or Not)

You aren't able to see what's working or not with your content marketing efforts. Should you be using more video? Is your brand working? What's actually resonating (or not) with your ideal client audience? 

You Have No System For Consistently Landing Clients

With all the noise on social media, you can barely concentrate, let alone remember details and focus on building quality relationships with your highest-value clients. You need a system for landing clients online.

free THE story!

When you free the stories of you, your company, or employees on Social Media, they become magnets that attract your highest value clients.

With Social Velocity, You Will Expand Your:



Expand the quality, engagement, and reach of your content so that more high-value clients will automatically discover you, follow you, and trust you enough to buy from you.  



Learn to leverage your content results analytics to know what's working—and what's not—in your marketing so you can dramatically improve your bottom-line ROI. 



Leverage content marketing and social velocity to become an authority in your niche and close sales from inbound relationships with ideal, high-value clients. 

What Others Say...


This insightful and practical book is about far more than LinkedIn. Dr. Pelè shows you just how much outbound marketing has changed, and helps you find your footing in a brand-new world of ideas.

Seth Godin - Author of 'THIS IS MARKETING'

Working with Dr. Pelè and VelocityJam: Best Coaching sessions I’ve ever had! 🤜🏽⭐️🤛🏻

Rob Howze - Chief Operating Officer, STA Group

LinkedIn is such an important tool, but few know how to leverage its true power. In 'Social Velocity', Dr. Pelè presents three foundation principles that, if truly mastered, will help you generate more business than you ever dreamed possible from this social media platform. Most importantly, it effectively bridges the gap between marketing and sales. Make sure you read it with a highlighter! You’ll need it.

Lee Salz - Bestselling author of 'Sales Differentiation'

I've enjoyed using VelocityJam because it made engaging in conversations in LinkedIn meaningful and entertaining. I've made connections that were relevant and appreciated.

Alethea Jimison - Personal Development Copywriter

Dr. Pelè’s thought leadership on the business-development power of content marketing shines through in this insightful, well-researched book. As CEO / founder of Waggl, I particularly enjoyed his application of the Waggle dance of Honey Bees to Social Velocity and content marketing analytics!

Michael Papay - CEO and Founder, Waggl

Really well researched, well put together book. Dr. Pelè knows what he's talking about!

John Espirian - Author of 'CONTENT DNA'

I love the slow and steady approach from Dr. Pelè. A good dose of reality!

Mark Schaefer - Author of 'CUMULATIVE ADVANTAGE'

If you feel lost in a same of sameness, then Dr. Pelè's book 'Social Velocity' is your fast-pass ticket to success.

John Livesay - Speaker and Author of 'BETTER SELLING THROUGH STORYTELLING'

Dr. Pelè is one of the most creative, inventive thought leaders in the space that mixes leadership and marketing. This book is yet another example of his ideas which will stimulate your own creativity!

Paul Batz - CEO and Founder, Good Leadership

VelocityJam increased my content popularity by 729.93% in my first month!

Jim Rembach - President, Influence To Action

I just went through the training. VelocityJam is extremely well done!

Mike McMahon - Business Growth Coach

VelocityJam is helping me with consistency!

Kymberli Speight - Speaker, Author, & Coach

VelocityJam is a game changer for my business!

Cheryl C. Jones - Author & Success Coach

I love that VelocityJam makes it easy to get more exposure on LinkedIn, and the community makes that engagement meaningful.

Heather Walker, Ph.D - Organizational Psychologist

If you want to sell big-ticket items, you've got to check this out!

Neil Patel - World-Renowned Marketing Expert

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Reviewed by SETH GODIN, author of THIS IS MARKETING