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Get High-Value Clients On LinkedIn

Free The Story Within You
Expand Your Reach, Results And Relationships

Are You Struggling To Get Clients On LinkedIn?

With over 280 Billion feed updates viewed annually on LinkedIn, getting seen and heard above the noise is hard! If you've ever tried turning your content into clients, here are the 3 challenges you've probably run into...

  1. 1
    Your Content Isn't Getting Seen When You Post
    No matter how excellent your product, it is of no use if no one ever sees you. You need to increase the REACH of your content so that you are visible to more of your ideal clients.
  2. 2
    You're not sure what's working (or not) in your content
    You can't improve what you can't measure. You need detailed analytics for your content so you can improve your RESULTS over time.
  3. 3
    You Have No System For Consistently Landing Clients
    It's not enough to connect with people on LinkedIn. You need a plan, tools, and a reliable process for growing business RELATIONSHIPS that turn your content into clients.

Why You Need To Free Your Story On LinkedIn!

Only 1% Post Consistently!

Even though LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B marketers, only 1% of its 740M+ Users post content weekly. That means if you start now, you will be in that 1% - Huge opportunity!

740M+ Users

Nearly 740 Million users in 200 countries worldwide. 

41% of Millionaires

41% of millionaires use LinkedIn for business.

82% of all B2B Leads

LinkedIn is considered the most effective social media platform for B2B lead generation.

Introducing VelocityJamâ„¢

VelocityJam is software and a community that helps you free your story and increase your social reachresults, and relationships so you can land your highest-value clients.


Expand the reach of your social content by improving its quality and ability to attract inbound engagement from your target audience.


See the results of your content through analytics that quickly show you what works (or what doesn't) as you improve your process of attracting your ideal clients.


Build, manage, and grow high-value relationships that turn content into clients.

Join VelocityJam

Content Marketing Reach, Results, and Relationships



What's included

  • 24/7 Solo and Group Jams
  • A Helpful Community of Practice and Feedback
  • Detailed Results and Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

What People Say ...


If you want to sell big-ticket items, you've got to check this out!

Neil Patel - World-Renowned Marketing Expert

VelocityJam increased my content popularity by 729.93% in my first month!

Jim Rembach - President, Influence To Action

I love that VelocityJam makes it easy to get more exposure on LinkedIn, and the community makes that engagement meaningful.

Heather Walker, Ph.D - Organizational Psychologist

VelocityJam is helping me with consistency!

Kymberli Speight - Speaker, Author, & Coach

I just went through the training. VelocityJam is extremely well done!

Mike McMahon - Business Growth Coach

I've enjoyed using VelocityJam because it made engaging in conversations in LinkedIn meaningful and entertaining. I've made connections that were relevant and appreciated.

Alethea Jimison - Personal Development Copywriter

VelocityJam is a game changer for my business!

Cheryl C. Jones - Author & Success Coach

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